«Living Bread of India Ministries» with Sevak Nagin in Orissa

Orissa is another state in India where the government has banned the gospel of Jesus ChristOrissa is comparatively very difficult when compared to the other states because here there is the problem of casteism and these tribal people have been treated bad by the so calledpeople of upper caste who claim of superiority. In these places, many missionaries have been persecuted. missionary named Graham Staines and his two small sonshave been killed by the Anti-Christian people. Many places like KALAHANDI AND SONPUR are located in these denseforests and we need to travel more than 15 kms which has no basic facilities catering to transports, electricity, hospital and education. When I went to that place, Holy Spirit placed agreat burden on my heart to  “BUILD ONE CHURCH FOR THESE PEOPLE” because they were all worshiping GOD under the Big Tree every Sunday and all the people are so poor. Today, by the grace of GOD, they have one beautiful church built.

My friend, my brother in Christ and God’s missionary Sevakis a very young person. He had finished his graduation and also got an offer in an IT company with very good salary. One day God called him to do His work in his native place among this tribal people. He faced a lot of difficulties. But for Christ sake, he carried his cross and started the ministry by proclaiming the gospel to the unreached people. He travelled by walking in the dense forestsearched for the people and proclaimed the gospel to the unreached people. You can see the photos below…


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